QUESTION 5 اجابة سؤال القطعة الاولى

1- learning styles ( ways ) ( kinds ) and the different ways our minds and bodies gather information1-

or the different ways of learning process

2- as for me I think I'm logical as I apply scientific principles2-

3- there seven types
Linguistic / logical / visual / musical / physical / intrapersonal /interpersonal

4- c – combines more than one teaching methods

5- d- understand

- I'm agains the immigration of scientists because their
country should have theier experience in different fields and to take
part in its progress and development
2- We must give our scientists the intellectual freedom and provide them with enough money for research
3- highly skilled and educated people
4- b – complicates the unemployment problem
5- difference ( اعتقد لو واضع الامتحان كان وضع كلمة comparison فى الاختيارات كانت هاتبقى افضل )